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基本上备考商务英语都会给自己配备一些辅导教材,像《新编剑桥商务英语学生用书(中级)(Pass Cambridge BEC Vantage Student book)(第二版)、《新编剑桥商务英语(学生用带)(中级)(Pass Cambridge BEC Vantage)(第二版)》、《BEC2阅读指南》、《BEC2写作指南》、《BEC2听说指南(含三盒磁带)》等资料,当然还有一些其他的书籍,关键还是看自己如何备考了,基本上书籍资料的配备是大家备考bec中级打好基础的第一步。




1.When asked about…,most people say…But many other people regard…as…I personally think…

2.When it comes to…,some people think that…Others argue that the opposite is true.There is probably some truth to both arguments,but…

3.It is widely acknowledged that…contributed to…Experts argue that China must introduce…But I doubt whether…alone will solve the problem。

4.An increasing number of people are joining…In reaction to the phenomenon,some say…But do they realize that…can also lead to…

5.One of the pressing problem facing our nation(China)today is…and…

6.Perhaps the most dangerous phenomenon gripping the nation today is…

7.Never before in history has the issue of…been more evident than now。

8.Perhaps it is time to reexamine the idea that…

9.A growing number of people are beginning to realize that…is not the sole prerequisite for happiness

10.Years of observing human behavior has enabled me to conclude that the major difference between…and…lies solely with…对


1.We should continue to reform and improve the foreign trade management system by sticking to the unified policy,fair competition,integration of industry with trade and promotion of the proxy system.

2.To transform the traditional export industries and increase the technology content and added value in our exports

3.To improve the competitiveness of our products on domestic and overseas markets

4.To work actively to adjust the mix of exports and increase the proportion of high-tech products

5.To implement an automatic registration system of foreign trading rights on a trial basis

6.To develop a full-dimensional export-oriented economy

7.Honoring contract,guaranteeing quality,seeking moderate profit and valuing friendship

8.the principle of pursuing practical results,adopting various ways and seeking common development on the basis of equality,mutual benefit and efficiency

9.To establish and perfect the foreign economic and trade regime consistent with the international prevailing rules and actual situation in China







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